Experiencing a Classic Hollywood Restaurant: The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

When you hear the name Beverly Hills Hotel, most people immediately think of one thing: celebrities. While I wasn’t lucky enough to run into a celebrity while I lunched (because, really, you can’t just “eat” at the Beverly Hills Hotel!) at the Polo Lounge, the whole experience felt quintessentially Old Hollywood.

My California-based grandma joined me for this glamorous lunch during my long weekend in L.A., and we both agreed that this classic Hollywood landmark really lives up to its name. Here are my thoughts!



What kind of restaurant is it? What’s the price point? 

The Polo Lounge offers classic American fare at sky high prices. Save this spot for special occasions!


How’s it look? Describe the restaurant’s aesthetic, any notable features, first impressions.

It’s a classic beauty. The hotel is famous for its green and pink motif, and that doesn’t stop at the Polo Lounge. Green is much more prominent, with large circular forest green booths in the indoor seating area and plenty of matching cushions and umbrellas outdoors. We ate on the patio, which was beautiful. The umbrellas and trees overhead provided the perfect amount of shade. The entire area could have easily felt outdated, but it’s managed to hang on to an elegant and classic image. DSCN1398

DSCN1394 How’s the wait staff? Are they attentive, good with kids, fast?

The wait staff was great. All my boxes were checked: kind, funny, fast. No complaints here—not that I’m surprised!

Entree: how’s it taste? If meat, is your meat cooked the way you wanted?

I got chicken while my grandmother got the crab cake. The chicken was pounded out and grilled, then served over some of the smoothest mashed potatoes with lightly-dressed greens on top. Everything tasted fresh, and the small salad helped counteract the heaviness of the potatoes. The chicken was simple in the best way. It had the perfect amount of seasoning and was still juicy despite being so thin. I cleaned my plate.

While I didn’t try the crab cake, my grandmother seemed pretty satisfied. It was served with some watercress, peaches, and crushed pistachios. How can something that pretty not taste good? While technically an appetizer, the portion size, when coupled with free bread and dessert, is plenty for those who don’t have a huge appetite.




Dessert: was it heavy or light? Too sweet or not sweet enough?

I ordered the berry cobbler with crème fraîche ice cream. First things first: the presentation is beautiful, especially thanks to the big slate on which the cobbler is served. The ice cream and what seemed to be shortbread crumble were great, and the dish wasn’t as heavy as you’d expect a cobbler to be. My one complaint is that the berries themselves tasted a bit syrup-y for my palate. The crème fraîche ice cream did help cut through the extreme sweetness of the berries, which really made the ice cream shine. Although I certainly didn’t have a hard time getting myself to eat it!


We also ordered the chocolate trio, which was beautiful. The pot de crème was creamy and downright adorable in its mini mug, and the chocolate ice cream (normally rocky road, but we requested plain chocolate) was perfectly chocolatey: not too intense but not too subtle either. The highlight, though, was the mousse. We were not expecting to get something that reminisced a high-end Twinkie. It was probably some of the best mousse I’ve ever had, offering a simultaneously light and decadent end to the meal.


DSCN1403 Was it a good value for what you paid?

Absolutely. While the flavors were relatively simple, the freshness and quality of the ingredients really made each dish shine (I never thought I’d remember a simple grilled chicken breast so vividly!). I felt like each penny was well spent.

Would you come back again, recommend it to readers?

Yes! It was a great lunch spot, especially for going out with family or a special occasion. The Polo Lounge is quintessential Hollywood glamour with fantastic options, even for vegans and vegetarians. If you want a high-end meal or if you just want to pretend to be a celebrity for a day, make the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel your go-to spot.