The Weekly Favorites: Turtles, ice cream, and wine bars (7/10–7/17)

Today we’re kicking off a new series: a weekly round-up of the best the Internet has to offer in the travel, food, and lifestyle worlds. Enjoy!

Photo of the Week


A watermelon martini from Central in DC, plus some gourmet “cheese puffs.” Heaven.


40 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever—Distractify
The article is as helpful as the title sounds. Even seasoned travelers will want to read these innovative tips!

Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys—Wander the Map
Who knew you could visit turtle hospitals? It’s a great story and the facility offers daily tours—as long as there isn’t a turtle emergency, that is! It doesn’t sound like it’s all fun and games, though, as the main goal of these tours is to raise awareness for saving turtles from the likes of boats and pollution.

Discovering Puglia, the heel of Italy—Mrs. O Around the World
Mrs. O’s travels around Puglia and stay in a luxury Italian villa looks absolutely incredible. Check out that pool!


Honey Tarragon Strawberry Melon Salad—A Little Bite of Life
This looks so refreshing, perfect for hot summer days. I would’ve never thought to put tarragon in a fruit salad!

The Inside Scoop—Galavante
I never thought I’d hear the words “cupcake ice cream sandwich” (you can thank Sprinkles for that one). Everything sounds so incredible, but they left off one ice cream sandwich powerhouse: The Meatball Shop.

Paris Idyll—Saveur
The best wine bars Paris has to offer.


Tribal Maxi—bishop & holland
What can I say? It’s gorgeous.

Why Leighton Meester’s Op-Ed Is The Week’s Must-Read—Refinery-29
Leighton Meester gives some thoughtful insight into audiences’ reaction to the character Curley’s Wife from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, who she currently plays in the Broadway adaptation. If you don’t have time to read the full thing, Refinery-29 gives a good summary.